Welcome, about us and how to join


All queer women, genderqueer and/or trans* UQ students are welcome to join Sappho’s Sisters, a queer social group.  We have a variety of regular events during semester such as game and trivia nights, dinners, beat trips (and beach trips), movie nights, discussions and other events as they take our fancy.  Events will be advertised here, on facebook and on the blackboard in the Women’s Room at UQ.

To find us on facebook, send a message to Sappho Sis and we will add you to our secret group.  This is circuitous, but it’s the best way we’ve come up with to keep the membership of the group secret while directly advertising our existence and purpose.

The UQ Women’s Room* is in the union complex (up the stairs behind the microwaves). Come along and say hello… we are very welcoming and actively promote a safe space.


*Meeting place may be negotiated and has ocassionally been held in the neighbouring Carden Room when requested.

**The photo is of the flagpole above Forgan Smith on Coming Out Day in 2010. The Queer Collective have worked with the university for the past three years to have a rainbow flag flying above the campus that day.

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