Weekend Shenanigans and Week Five event to The Three Monkeys

Greetings and Salutations Sappho’s sisters, Congratulations on making it to week five of the uni semester! This Sunday the 30th of March a small contingent of us will be heading along to the Foxsmith gig at the Bearded Lady! Image


We will meet around 5pm for drinks and food if anyone is keen to join!

Also next Friday afternoon the 4th of April an afternoon trip to The Three Monkeys in West End has been organised for 3pm for anyone interested. Possibly followed up by a movie night.


Finally for anyone who is sick of studying alone on Sunday the 6th of April we will be having a Sappho’s Sister’s study session in the SS&H library.


For those who wish to join or remain up-to-date with events add Sappho Sis and ask to join the secret Facebook group.

Have a great weekend! Sappho Sis

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