Hello all!

As everyone’s uni shizzle/life gets busy, we sometimes get slack posting to the public website and organising events. BUT SAPPHOS IS STILL A THING!

Last Tuesday there was a very successful UQ meeting that involved pizza, fabulous company and great conversation! This week, one of our own is turning 22 and a group will be heading out to The Beat  to celebrate (details on the secret fb page if you’re keen). If you’re not the clubbing type, never fear… more chilled out events will be organised throughout the semester.

The best way to find out about them is to be part of the secret fb group. Just add Sappho Sis and ask to join!

Hope you’re all splendid,
Sappho Sis 🙂


2 thoughts on “Note to all: SAPPHOS IS STILL HAPPENING!

  1. Hey guys, I messaged and added sappho sis requesting to join the Facebook group, just in case you don’t check the account often. 🙂

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