Sapphos — mid semester break

Sapphists, one and all,

We had an exciting week last week.  We had our regular meeting on Wednesday at uni at 5, followed by pizza and on Tuesday went to a burlesque life drawing session at the Judith Wright centre, which was great fun.

Our drawings were not this good, but if we could draw, they would have been amazing.

This week we have a variety of events planned.

On Thursday evening, one of our own is playing at an open mic night in Kenmore, at the Retro Bar.  She’s an amazingly talented singer and songwriter, and will be playing several of her original songs tonight.  Check out their songs here.

On Saturday at 7pm, there’s a group going to Bye Bye Blondie at the Queer Film Festival at the powerhouse.  Tickets are a little pricey ($15 concession, $17 full price) but the Film Festival is worth supporting and I found out the hard way last year that it can be very hard to get a hold of queer festival films to watch later.

On Sunday at 9pm there’s another group going to see The Parade, also at the Powerhouse.

You should definitely check out the BQFF website as well and see if there’s anything else you’re interested in seeing.  For the duration of the festival, the Powerhouse will be playing host to a series of photographs of eight Queensland lesbians who lived through more intolerant times, which sounds fascinating.

In the following week, we will meet on Wednesday at 5pm in the women’s room, with dinner at 6.30.  We may branch out this week and go to a curry place in the Hawken Village.  Same sex salsa will be happening, unbeknownst to the organisers of the actual salsa night, in front of the casino at 7 on Friday the 12th, followed by a trip to the Beat.

To get more info on these events, find us on facebook or comment and the moderators will send you more information.  We’re quite prompt at responding, so don’t be shy.

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