Sapphos — Week 5

Upcoming events:



Saturday 11am — Study session in SS&H

Sunday 9pm — Fabulous movietime!  Laurence Anyways is showing at the Barracks as part of the French film festival.  The film has received great reviews and follows the relationship between Laurence and girlfriend Fred, as Laurence journeys into womanhood.

Tickets need to be picked up 20 minutes before the movie starts if you order online and the film goes for 160 minutes.  Something will probably be organised for dinner, but pop over to facebook for more details.

Wednesday 5pm — our regular pizza night, meeting in the women’s room at UQ first before proceeding to the pizza caffe at 6 when the room closes.  We’ve done games nights and discussion topics, this week I thought we might unpack our deeper secrets with quack psychology.  Failing that, we have yet to come to any sort of agreement on what should feature at a future movie night, so the discussion of the merits of lesbian cinema will continue.

Like horoscopes, but really really suss.

Like horoscopes, but really really suss.

I’m also planning to stop procrastinating at some point and make an event for the gay latin dancing night so we can pimp it out across all the queer uni student groups, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

As always, if you’re new to Sapphos, welcome!  Check out the link on under our banner “Welcome and how to join” to learn how to be added to our private facebook group.    If you’re nervous about coming for the first time (and most of us were!) bring a friend, chat to the organisers one on one or post in the facebook group.

1 thought on “Sapphos — Week 5

  1. Hi there, I’m interested to come along for the movie on Sunday but I don’t have a Facebook account. Could I get more information sent to my email address please? Cheers

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