Sapphos — week 4


Wednesday 5pm: Chilled discussions in the women’s room followed by pizza at 6pm.

Saturday 11am: Study session in the SS&H library

Coming from a successful board games night on Tuesday and a trip to see “The Hours” in showing in the West End library on Thursday, this week we can look forward to a chilled meeting at uni on Wednesday, starting from 5 in the women’s room and moving on to pizza at 6pm.  As an ice breaker, we’ll start the evening with some informal discussion topics.  Some ideas we’ve had already include lesbian movies, good and bad, or stereotypes, but comment here or pop over to the facebook page to share your ideas on what we should talk about.

On subject of movies, the Brisbane Queer Film Festival is coming up.  Here’s some discussion of some of the movies I’m keen to see, but judge for yourself at the festival’s website.  If you’ve got some time on your hand, someone has kindly made a youtube playlist of a number of the trailers, but it’s a time suck, so be wary.  We’ll organise a group to go see one movie, but if you’re keen to see something particular and want company, we’ll set up a poll on the facebook page so you can find like minded people and organise smaller outings.

In the meantime, there are three queer films showing at the French Film Festival:  the subtext rich Farewell my Queen, a story about a French-Canadian trans*woman and her relationship with her wife called Laurence Anyways and a documentary about elderly French LGBT peeps called The Invisibles.  I know people who are keen to see the latter two, so pipe up and we’ll hook you up with company if you’re also excited about French accents and LGBT history.

When we’re involved, latin dance will be THIS gay!

In the longer term, we’re hoping to organise a queer flash mob at the regular latin dance evening at Casablancas on Caxton St on Friday 12th of April (the evening begins with a lesson) and a movie night.

As always, if you’re new to Sapphos, welcome!  Check out the link on under our banner “Welcome and how to join” to learn how to be added to our private facebook group.    If you’re nervous about coming for the first time (and most of us were!) bring a friend, chat to the organisers one on one or post in the facebook group.

A still from a terrible lesbian movie we had the misfortune to watch as a group last year

A cute scene from the much better lesbian movie “But I’m a Cheerleader” which may be a candidate for a movie night at some point.

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