Sapphos — week 2

Our week one event, pizza at uni on Wednesday night, was great fun.  Heaps of people showed up and we had an awesome time brainstorming what we could do next.

This weekend three sapphos girls made the trip down to Sydney to watch the mardi gras parade, which was an amazing sight.  We’re all keen to do it again next year, so if you feel like you missed out on something special, you’re right, but don’t get too disheartened.


The dykes on bikes did the macarena. It was amazing.

Some of the ideas mooted were:

— bingo in West End on Thursdays

— movie nights

— games nights

— gatecrashing a latin dance bar with a big group of queers

— a pub crawl involving Lipton iced tea bikes

— a trip to the Beat one Saturday or to one of the rotating ladies nights

— Karaoke nights

— study sessions

— pancake manor adventures, potentially connected to beat adventures or lipton iced tea pub crawl adventures

This week we have two things in the cards for Thursday: bingo in West End before heading out to watch one of our own play at an open mic night in Kenmore.  She’s pretty amazing so it’s well worth the trip.  You can find more about her music here.  The bingo night is drawn by a drag queen and is free, yet has prizes (not sure how that works, but apparently it does)  — including the lesbian meat tray, or a fruit tray.

The study session idea is also going ahead and people will be meeting in the SS&H library with lollies on Saturday morning.  Per a discussion about lesbian stereotypes, watch for the lady with the short hair in a checked shirt — she doesn’t bite and has promised lollies.

If you’re new to Sapphos, we’d love to add you to our facebook group.  Follow the instructions here and we’ll get you iinto the loop properly.

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