Welcome, Semester 1 2013

Welcome to anyone new to Sapphos.  We’ll be running an event next Wednesday, details to be announced.  In the mean time, keep an eye on this blog and join our facebook page.

Because the facebook page is secret, to join, please add “Sappho Sis” as a friend on facebook.  Here’s a link.  The admin of that account will proceed to add you to the sapphos facebook group.  We’ve worried about all the privacy settings for you, so nothing will show up in your timeline.



Here are some UQ student voices describing the importance and benefits of being part of the Sapphos. If you’re thinking about coming along, please do. It’s well worth it (even if you’re a little nervous).

“Sapphos is so important to me because I find it hard to fit into the Queer Collective as a whole. When it comes to Sapphos, it’s so much calmer as a smaller group of queer women so we have more time and input to organise events like movie nights, club outings and camping trips. I feel like I actually belong because everyone’s so compassionate and understanding. I feel a community happening!”

“Those nights kept me sane in times of confusion. I made firm friends and have become comfortable in my own skin largely due to the relaxing, engaging, non-political discussions/events organised through Sapphos. Future UQ students need that refuge!”

“I remember standing at the bottom of those steps and the successive excuses I made to explain my presence as I ascended. I was going to the bathroom, I was lost, I was looking for the Women’s Room – not all feminists were lesbians, after all. Once I got there I found a community which was welcoming and supportive. I would have been even more terrified had I had to walk into a gay bar to find that sort of community…”

“Sappho’s was essential to me during my coming-out identity-forming/exploring time!”

“Through sapphos you can build a queer network and that is absolutely invaluable. I really do think that the queer community has unique cultural values and it can be really alienating to be trapped in a heteronormative culture which doesn’t have the same norms or values as your community. I used to live in college, and I would feel this huge sense of relief and belonging every time I walked into sapphos. It’s a place where I am actually accepted and appreciated, rather than just tolerated.”

“I might not attend as many meetings as I’d like, but knowing that a safe space exists for me on campus means more than I could possibly begin to explain.”



Other queer UQ clubs are: Our UQ is an Out UQ (public); UQ Queer Collective (secret); Super Fun Social Group for Queer Brisbane Uni Students (secret).  SHOC (student help at UQ) are also running a service this year called Uni Q Space, which is a support group for queer students.  Please just ask and we can link you through to the people who organise those groups.

1 thought on “Welcome, Semester 1 2013

  1. “We’ve worried about all the privacy settings for you, so nothing will show up in your timeline.”

    This is not accurate….
    Please note that, while your name will only come up to mutual friends of Sappho Sis on HER friend list, YOURS will list Sappho Sis as a friend unless you change your own privacy settings.

    Note: Sappho Sis IS set to private, but cover photo settings cannot be changed.

    If you do not wish for Sappho Sis to come up in your friend’s list, message before you add and we’ll try and work a way around it! Or just delete her as a friend once you have been added to the secret group!

    Cheers 🙂

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