Brisbane Queer Film Festival – what are you looking forward to?

The Brisbane Queer Film Festival program has been released, and of course I immediately started plotting how many I could possibly see.  Here’s my favourites from the list, what do you think?


Bye Bye Blondie — Sat 6 April 7pm. 

It’s a French film and subtitled.  Two teenagers meet and fall in love in a mental institution, but one bows to familial pressure and returns home rather than running away with her girl, only to look up her ex ten years or so later to rekindle the old romance.  From the trailer it actually looks like there might be a happy ending.  Quelle surprise.


Mosquita and Mari — Sun 7 April 1pm

This is a sweet love story about two latina girls living in the US.  It’s got a fair bit of positive press from autostraddle and afterellen, so I’m excited to see it.


A Map for a Talk — Wed 10 April 6.30pm

A Chileann woman, mother of a young boy, tries to convince her own mother to accept her relationship with her girlfriend.  Drama ensues.  It’s partially set on a rather lovely wooden yacht, so that wins points with me.


Jack and Diane — Friday 12 April 8.30pm

Initially people were talking about this movie as a lesbian werewolf movie, but I don’t think that’s the case.  What I know is that it’s a life or death first love situation, rated R and classed as a thriller.  It’s got more skeptical reviews from good reviews from the big blogs since, but I’m still excited — Riley Keogh and Juno Temple seem to have great chemistry together.


Laurence Anyways — Sat 13 April 12pm
This is a French Canadian film, set in the 90s, about a woman assigned male at birth and her relationship with her girlfriend.  It looks tumultuous and heartrendering, but nonetheless beautiful.  It’s on the director’s pick of the festival line up.


At any rate, I’m excited. What are you looking forward to seeing?

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